• 4414 Main St.
  • Roxborough-Manayunk
  • Philadelphia, PA 19127
  • 267. 712. 9432

  • Sized to Your Needs: A typical CSA Half Share “Snack Sack” (image above @ $20/week) includes fresh Pennsylvania local produce to make 2 full substantial meals. A Full Share ($40/week) doubles the amount of food.

  • A Helping Hand: Themed each week to provide you with variety and tastes, from “Sunday Brunch” to “Tacos Night” to “Middle Eastern”, sometimes with sample spices to make the dishes right away.

  • Balanced and Planned: Each week’s Sack’s content is different. Vegetables are selected to work together to make complete dishes from the 3-5 recipes we provide with each theme. Highlights may include breads from Baker Street Bread in Chestnut Hill, different PA local cheeses, Greek-style yogurt, and uncommon veggies for you to try!

  • PA Local, First and Foremost: Our produce is sourced from 50-60 farms in PA -- one of which is as local as Roxborough, grown and harvested from the Schuylkill Center by FNC Philly Farms! If it’s out of season, we find and bring you Certified Organic equivalents. Our goal is to minimize the footprint of how food gets on your table, ensuring freshness and reducing chemical treatments while supporting local farms.

  • Low-Commitment and Flexible: We sign you up for 4 weeks at a time; outside of this, there is no long-term commitment. The Sack is ready for you every Friday after 3PM (we often send an email reminder and include a list of what goes in the Sack). We allow a 1-week credit (per 4-week cycle) if you happen to be away; just notify us, then come to pick up the next time when you’re ready.
  • “It’s a good price for just the right amount of food in the Snack Sack. We go through it before it goes to waste!”
    — RCO CSA Member
  • RCO CSA Half Share 4-Week - $80.00 One-Time Payment
    12-Month, auto-debit every 4 weeks option available.
    Contact us for Auto-Debit and Full Share Subscription.